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Lets Start with SAP BTP!



Customers are extending SAP systems like S/4HANA and creating new features and applications. Just to utilise the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and AWS services. AWS offers more BTP services than any other cloud provider, with 83 offered globally. With AWS, you can access a wider range of cloud services and features, including infrastructure technologies. Such as computation, storage, and databases. Cutting-edge services such as AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. While maintaining fundamental functionality in the SAP S/4HANA system. Customers can choose from this service portfolio to expand and innovate their ERP system.

In order to create private connectivity between certain SAP BTP services and native AWS services. SAP today introduced SAP Private Link Service on AWS in beta. This new service is built on AWS Private Link. The new service is the outcome of the strategic alliance between SAP and AWS. Yet another excellent illustration of how customers may benefit from their SAP ERP migration to the cloud. Several different software companies use AWS PrivateLink. Just to develop patterns that are comparable. Also to secure communication between apps and AWS services. It’s wonderful to see SAP expanding the compatibility of SAP BTP with AWS services.

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Runtime applications can use native AWS services. To enhance functionality and access AWS services directly. You could, for instance, use Amazon S3 to store data from your BTP application or Amazon SES to send emails. The BTP side starts the conversation. It is completely private throughout. Utilizing the link between the VPC endpoint and the AWS service. Traffic intended for the AWS service is first resolved using DNS to the private IP addresses of the endpoint network interfaces.

With the SAP Private Link service, you can utilise your own services. In addition to the supported AWS services. For your S/4HANA system that is operating on EC2 instances. You can construct an Endpoint service. This enables a secure connection between your SAP system and BTP apps. Now that the S/4HANA system is not connected to the internet. So, developers of Cloud Foundry applications can easily use it. For instance, the OData services of the S/4HANA system. No longer required are special security approvals or exceptions.

SAP has released communication from AWS to BTP. Services such as Adobe’s SAP Forms or SAP Integration Suite can be used to connect S/4HANA systems running on AWS with BTP services. Customers profit from the broadest range of SAP BTP services offered on AWS. To utilise the secure and private connectivity choice provided by SAP Private Link.