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POS Integration

SAP Retail Integration with Point of Sale (POS) System

Implementing a two-way integration between SAP and Point of Sale (PoS) , means all the information stored in SAP can be made available to your customers in real-time, on an easy-to-use retailing system.

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Simply and Securely Integrate SAP IS-Retail with Point of Sale with SAP PI/PO/HCI

Large enterprises spread across multiple geographies and having hundreds of stores tend to have complex retail operations. Not only do they need a robust ERP to support their financial and other business processes, but they also need a fairly comprehensive and agile Retail System so that the updates to their retail policies – be it a simple price update is communicated across the retail environment well in time and with utmost ease. Large Retail Enterprises have a challenge to manage business complexities on one hand and on the other require their retail application to be extremely intuitive, easy to use and configurable – all from the central location. ​

The retail data, which is collected and collated at the Head Office, is then integrated into SAP ERP. There are 2 broad ways of integrating this data into SAP ERP

  • With SAP PI Server connecting directly into SAP ERP
  • With SAP PI server connecting directly into SAP ERP along with SAP BI / POS DM/CAR

SAP Technology Operations Team

• Countries and States • Currency and Exchange Rates • Employees • Tax Codes • Manufacturers • Product Groups & Discounts • Vendors • Brand • Stores • Articles, Assemblies, Kit, Gift Certificates • Upselling Information • Alternate Items • Pricing and tax • Quantity Discounts • Customer Groups & Customers • Shipment Types

POS Transaction data Integration To SAP

Regular Sale • Store Expenses • Regular Sale with fulfilment • Store Requisitions • Sale with Delivery from DC • Stock Adjustments • Credit Sales • Good receipts • Advance booking • Returns to Warehouse • Refund and Exchange • Physical Inventory

SAP PI/PO and Hana Cloud Integration with Third Party Point of Sale (POS) System

Easily exchange data in real-time with SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Integrate processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions with this open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform.

Key benefits include:

  • Access a deep catalogue of integration flows
  • Integrate both processes and data through unified technology engineered for the cloud
  • Get an integration service that is secure, reliable and delivered and managed by SAP in SAP’s secure data centres across the globe
  • Lower TCO with an affordable, pay-as-you-go subscription model and minimal up-front investment

​ForceBin consulting SAP Hana Cloud Integration services have been built on several successful end to end integrations across industries. Over the last decade, as one of the SAP services provider, ForceBin Consulting brings together rich implementation and integration skills across the entire portfolio of SAP solutions on cloud or On-Premise.

With SAP S4 HANA Perspective, Our focus to build you solutions that run uninterrupted. Let’s get best consulting experience with us.

  • Consulting SAP Retail Business process, Implementation and Integration
  • Third Party Point of sale (POS) Integration with SAP PI/PO/HCI
  • Technology Services and Support

NewsXsys Technologies implement Best Practice for your Retail requirement with the following teams:

 Application management team

This team creates the ERP Business Process Monitoring concept and consists of experts from several areas of your company:

  • Business department
  • Solution support organization
  • Implementation project team

SAP Technology Operations Team

This team comprises all those in your solution support organization and IT department involved in monitoring focused on the system administration side (program scheduling management, software monitoring team, system administration team including the system administrator)

Business Process Operations Team

The business process operations team will be responsible for applying the resulting procedures derived from implementing this Best Practice. It includes the following groups:

  • Persons designated to perform business process-oriented monitoring and to ensure that the process runs smoothly (e.g. the business process champion for each business process)
  • All parties in your solution support organization and IT department involved in monitoring focused on the application aspects (application support, development support, job scheduling management)All parties in your solution support organization and IT department involved in monitoring focused on the application aspects (application support, development support, job scheduling management)

Technology Used To deliver Your Expectations

  • SAP IS-Retail
  • Third Party POS integration with SAP IS-Retail
  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration with IS-Retail
  • SAP Hybris (eCommerce, Sales, C4C, Marketing)
  • SAP Ariba

Business process Expert

The business process Expert is a person in the business department that is responsible for the successful execution of a given business process. He or she coordinates all activities necessary for the business process and, therefore, is usually responsible for the escalation paths in case of problems. Often this role serves as a second level in the escalation procedure if the application monitoring team needs to escalate an issue.


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Amazing work done by NewsXsys Salesforce team for our sales could implementation. Thank you Newsxsys for giving the amazing Services.

Ashok Sharma
IT Recruiter Head

We were in the short of time when we connected with NewsXsys Salesforce team for our development, It was great experience Thanks Newsxsys

Bret B

Newsxsys’s employees has good Spoken skills and great attitude. A good company who wants to serve it’s clients well and fast.

H Marsh

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