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SAP Ariba Integration

SAP Ariba Integration

Integrating SAP Ariba Cloud Solutions with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

SAP Ariba is the only cloud provider with true bidirectional integration into SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA®, including more than 150 integration processes and over 5,000 fields integrated to the SAP core.

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Simply and Securely Connect SAP Ariba Cloud Platform

SAP Ariba is the only cloud provider with true bidirectional integration into SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA®, including more than 150 integration processes and over 5,000 fields integrated to the SAP core. Integration with SAP Ariba® solutions is achieved via the SAP Ariba cloud integration framework. The SAP Ariba cloud integration framework is a suite of components and complementary technologies that can be optionally deployed depending on a customer’s specific landscape.

It can be installed as an

  • Add-on to SAP ERP to directly connect to SAP Ariba cloud solutions
  • Adapter for SAP Process Integration


SAP Ariba’s products are focused on two key areas:

  • Ariba Network
  • SAP Ariba applications – SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing, SAP Ariba Supplier Management, SAP Ariba Procurement, SAP Ariba Supply Chain, and SAP Ariba Financial Supply Chain solutions

Ariba Network

Ariba Network is a cloud-based network where buyers and suppliers collaborate by managing different business processes, either via the Ariba Network portal or by exchanging commerce extensible markup language (cXML) messages. Buying organizations use Ariba Network to find suppliers and to run automated business transactions from ordering to issuing payments. Suppliers use Ariba Network to find new business opportunities and to work more efficiently and effectively with their customers on all the shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments.​

SAP Ariba Application

The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration redefines how our customers integrate with the world’s largest B2B network. It gives our suppliers a simple and efficient way to integrate with Ariba Network using standards other than cXML. It reduces the deployment time for suppliers to integrate with Ariba Network. This is currently only available for Ariba Network supplier-side integration.

Ariba Network and SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA Integration Scenarios

Document Automation: SAP Ariba offers many different integration scenarios to support many business processes, but the most typical process is document automation for purchase order (PO) and invoice automation. In this scenario, users create POs in their SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system, which sends them to the suppliers on Ariba Network for processing. Suppliers confirm orders or let their customers know if items are backordered; they can notify them that items have shipped and send a PO invoice for payment. Business rules enforce process and document compliance. For example, you can require that a supplier must confirm an order, create a ship notice, or wait for a goods receipt notice before they can send an invoice.

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration: Ariba Network provides enhanced supply chain visibility for direct materials for discrete and process manufacturing, consumer products and life sciences, and merchandise spend in the retail industry.

To improve poor supply chain visibility, communication, and collaboration among supply chain partners, SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration was developed to provide comprehensive direct material and supply chain collaboration tools with industry-specific aspects and a single access point and collaboration platform for all partners across different supply chains. These scenarios include processes for subcontracting, consignment, forecasting, and supplier-managed inventory as well as returns.

Contract Manufacturing Collaboration (Subcontract PO): There are several steps in the subcontracting process.The first is the basic subcontracting purchase orders with components, purchase order confirmation, and ship notice of finished goods to the buyer.The buyer sends a goods receipt and invoice to the supplier.

In addition, basic subcontracting allows buyers/sellers to monitor component shipments/deliveries.Component shipments are supported as well as visibility of component inventory and component acknowledgement. In the flow below, there are two different options for component shipments.


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