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Integration Package on SAP Cloud


NewsXsys Technologies is consistently working with technology innovation and Integration Package on SAP Cloud. With the evolution of SAP Cloud Platform integration. Additionally, we came up with the latest integration package. Also, on Retail Point of Sale integration with SAP IS-Retail. So, that can be easily deployed within your business scenario. Although, your Retail Point of Sale and consumption are already developed. Basically, it is a ready-to-use SOAP API.

So we can use any third-party POS software. Then integrate that POS system into the SAP IS retail system. After the successful integration POS system. Although, SAP IS retail system share master data (like Article master) and transaction data (aggregate sale). Both SAP Outbound (Data is sent in this structure from SAP to the POS system via SAP Cloud Platform Integration(HCI) and SAP Inbound (Data is received from the legacy system to SAP via SAP Cloud Platform Integration(HCI).

Retail Business Scenario for Outbound (Integration Package on SAP Cloud)

  • Article Master
  • Merchandise category
  • Vendor Master
  • Promotion data
  • Sales set
  • Assortment data
  • Tax-related data
  • Goods receipts in the stores
  • Price data
  • Goods return from Stores to Vendor
  • Goods return from Stores to warehouse
  • Goods issue – Stock transfer from store to store
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock Transfer Orders
  • Outbound IDoc Integrated
  • WP_PLU02 Article Master
  • WP_EAN01 EAN /UPC Reference
  • WPDWGR01 Merchandise Category
  • WPDTAX01 Tax Rate
  • WBBDLD02 Assortment list
  • CREMAS05 Vendor Master
  • DEBMAS06 Customer Master

Retail Business Scenario for Inbound

  • Aggregated sales data
  • Inventory count data
  • Status confirmations
  • Sales per Recepit
  • Goods movement
  • WPUFIB Financial transactions

  • EPUB Upload day-end closing
  • WPUBON Sales Transactions

  • POS WPUUMS Upload sales data (compressed)

  • WVINVE Inventory counts
  • ZSDGVRE Gift vouchers – issues
  • POSDM POSDM/Customer Activity Repository


Even with SAP IS-Retail Perspective, Our focus is to build solutions that run uninterrupted. So, let’s get the best-consulting experience with us.

  • Consulting Retail Business Process and Implementation
  • Integrated Third party POS system with SAP IS-Retail using SAP PI/PO and SAP Cloud Platform Integration (HCI)
  • Technology Services and Support

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