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Data Science Techniques

We make the difficult seem easy so that our customers can focus on what matters most: getting accurate and reliable results through Data Science Techniques.


NewsXsys Technologies helps its customers to take advantage of powerful data science techniques, such as machine learning. We can apply these techniques to data from a wide variety of sources – not just data from NIR instruments. Regardless of whether the Hardware Option or Account Option is chosen. NewsXsys Technologies clients can subscribe to one of the following optional service plans in which the NewsXsys Technologies data science team provides Data Mining, Data Modelling, System Customization, and System Documentation.

Our expertise in Data Science can help you harness your data and turn it into real business value. Some of our key services include:

  • Analyzing data assets of an organization
  • Developing Data Science roadmaps
  • Creating algorithms to address data challenges
  • Creating visualizations

We can build prototypes in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Data Integration. Let’s get connected to our data scientist to know more. Email your queries to